Earl Grey Madeleines|伯爵茶瑪德蓮

Madeleines are one of my favorite desserts to go with my coffee. I make a few varieties based on a simple vanilla bean madeleines recipe. Once I have a basic vanilla bean batter, I just add an additional flavor to twist things up. For earl grey madeleines, all you need additionally is earl grey tea… Continue reading Earl Grey Madeleines|伯爵茶瑪德蓮



Ah, matcha Madeleines, green little pieces of heaven. As a big time matcha fan, I definitely have a special place in my heart reserved only for these beautiful green sponge cake. I have been making Madeleine for quite some time now, and while these delicious cookies are fairly easy to make, I've accumulated some important… Continue reading [RECIPE] MATCHA MADELEINES | 抹茶馬德蓮



I’ve been giving Blake store bought organic teething biscuits ever since he started teething. He loves them a little too much, so I got worried about the ingredients and decided to make the biscuits at home instead. Knowing exactly what goes in them is way better than wondering if the store bought ones are safe. They… Continue reading HOMEMADE TEETHING BISCUITS / 自製寶寶磨牙餅乾


Dried Fruit Chocolate Barks 果乾巧克力磚

I had some strawberries, kiwis, and oranges that are just sitting in the fridge for some time, instead of eating them fresh this time, I dehydrated them for some yummy dried fruit chocolate barks. I used dark Valrhona chocolate I brought back from Wholefoods, combining the bittersweet taste of cocoa to the tangy sweet fruits… Continue reading Dried Fruit Chocolate Barks 果乾巧克力磚