Reuseable Food Wrap | 環保保鮮膜

I love anything eco-friendly and stylish. It is my constant goal to make my home an eco-friendly environment while maintaining an elegant lifestyle. Recently, I discovered a few different brands of reuseable food wraps that can replace ziplock bags and Seran wraps. I am so glad there are so many like-minded people who care about our environment as much as living in style. If you haven’t tried these wraps, you simply must if only for the convenience and how pretty they are!

在不為地球加重負擔的前提,為自己打造舒適美麗的居家環境一直是我的目標。我很珍惜優質的質感生活,平時要是發現以環保為核心概念,又剛好很美的產品就會無法控制的心動。最近我發現幾款與傳統的保鮮膜不同的食物保鮮袋,可以重複使用不說,他們的外觀簡直超討喜!我真的很開心; 有這麼多人秉著愛護地球的心,一起建立了這些好品牌、讓大眾可以一起為我們的環境做努力,同時又保留了生活美學的份量。如果你還沒用過這些食物保存袋,快點加入我吧!除了方便不說,還可以為你的生活視覺加分喔!

Bees Wrap蜂蠟保鮮膜

This washable, reuseable, and compostable alternative to plastic wrap is created by infusing organic cotton with beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. It is basically an oiled cloth that can be used (and reused) to cover just about anything.


Photo Source: beeswrap.com


Similar product to the Bees Wrap produced by a Canadian company. The brand promises to “keep the food alive”; using the wrap to protect food from air and moisture just like “nature’s lemon peel, onion skin, and cheese rind”. I love this analogy!

跟 Bees Wrap 是相似的產品,產於加拿大。我自己很喜歡這個品牌的風格以及他們對自己產品的信心。他們說,自家產品是為了讓 “食物的生命延續”。用他們的保鮮布來裹住食物,能夠鎖住食材本身的水分,防止空氣入侵而造成食材氧化; 就好比像 “大自然的檸檬皮、洋蔥皮、或者是奶酪皮”,保護著食材的鮮度。這個比喻很大膽,又很浪漫吧?

Photo Source: abeego.com

U Konserve

Okay so this one is plastic… but hear me out. The U Konserve Food Kozy Wrap is another level of great because you can actually store raw meat with it. I usually divide the meat by meal portions and store them in the freezer. Traditional plastics contain tons of plasticizers that will leak into your food especially when heated or frozen. U Konserve contains zero BPA, lead, and phthalate, which makes it safe and totally cost-efficient.

好…我知道這款是塑膠,不過先聽我說完吧。U Konserve Food Kozy 保鮮袋沒有被我嫌棄是有原因的:它可以用來包生肉、還可以放入冷凍庫!我一般一次性買很多生鮮肉食時,都會需要分裝處理,以一頓飯的量來做分裝。傳統的塑膠袋含有一堆唸不出學名的毒質,經過極度低高溫後,更會釋放出可怕的塑化劑,吃下去的可是自己的胃…. U Konserve 不包含雙酚A、鉛、以及鄰苯二甲酸酯,使用上也讓我放心許多。

Do you have other good alternatives to plastic wraps? Share with us in the comment section below! 你有其他自己喜歡的環保保鮮膜嗎?與我們分享吧!

xoxo, S



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